Weapon of Mass Destruction (370 Words) #flashfiction

“Tell me a story.”

“Okay. Have you heard the one about the Humans?”

“No. Tell me that one.”

“All right.  A long time ago, on a planet far, far away, there was a species called Humans. They were not very strong, or very pretty, but they were very smart. They could see patterns that were hard to see, and they used those patterns to invent wondrous things: books and spaceships and gods. But no species ever creates all good things.”

“Like Papa’s soup. It’s awful. But his bread is good.”

“…Right. Anyway, as time passed, Humans became smarter and smarter, and their brains grew and grew and grew.  And soon, there were so many of them that they didn’t all have to find patterns all the time.  They had thousands of gods and laws and stories and heroes, but the Humans were not unhappy because they were still very smart and could figure out which stories and laws and gods and heroes mattered.”

“Then what happened?”

“They stopped trying to figure it out. And then they got angry, because nobody agreed on what mattered.”


“After some time passed like this, Humans decided that the best thing to do would be to pick out people who could tell them what mattered.  They thought that this would keep people from being wrong and angry.”

“It didn’t work, did it?”

“No, honey, it didn’t. The people they trusted were also angry and wrong. But they didn’t know that. So they kept trusting them anyway.”

“And then what happened? How did they die?”

“I’m getting to it.  Be patient.  They didn’t realise that everybody was angry and wrong, and so they began to think that they were the only ones who weren’t angry and wrong.  And they became Scared.  And when the Humans got Scared, they became Scary. And then other Humans became Scared, and became Scary, in return.  And pretty soon, all of the Humans were Angry and Scared.”

“Did they know about Love?”

“Love was the greatest weapon they had. Love could have saved them and made the Anger and Scared-ness go away.  But they didn’t use it.”

“Why not?”

“…They were too Scared.”

“That’s…that’s really sad.”

“Yes. They were.”


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