About Me




I am a PhD student in sunny Scotland, working on how humans experience Time, and then how that gets translated into mythological settings. I spend a lot of time thinking about Doctor Who, as a result.

In my spare time, I write for Everyday Vikings!, a webcomic about Vikings and Norse mythology in the modern age. I also teach pole dancing classes, and images from that can be found on my Instagram. (Update: I am currently incubating a miniature human, and have put pole dancing on hiatus until incubation is complete. September cannot come fast enough!).

I am chronically ill, both physically and mentally. Physically, I have a hypermobility disorder that means my shoulders, ribs, and hips leave their sockets more often than I leave my flat. It hurts. It makes me unpleasant to be around. It is a disease that will get worse as I age, meaning I have Evil Grandma as a title in my future. (Edit: It is also a disease that thrives on pregnancy hormones. My left shoulder has not sat properly in its socket in weeks). Mentally, I am working through Complex PTSD, left over from a not-awesome childhood and the terrible situations I found myself in as an adult, as a direct result of said childhood.

I talk a lot about things that have fuck-all to do with writing on this blog. I also like to use bad language. I frequently talk about abuse, suicide, and other unpleasant topics; on the other hand, I also spend a lot of time wondering about the feasibility of time travel and whether a T-rex could be a good cavalry animal. So, it comes out even, I guess.



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