Works in the Works




Space Opera

Status: Writing


Space Opera – 75,000 words

Status: On submission

Zoe Miller, Commander of the HAVOC Initiative on Venus, has shattered both ceilings and noses to reach her goals. Alana MacDougal, Commander of the TYR Mission on Mars, does not believe in impossibilities, only improbabilities, and it’s caused her no end of grief. Scarlett Marie [name redacted to protect the innocent], Apocalypse Preparation Guru, will do anything to keep her schizophrenia under control and keep herself from returning to the psychiatric hospital.

All three women witness the end of human life on Earth, when a Gamma Ray Burst from a nearby supernova hits the Eurasian continent. All three women respond as they have been trained: search and rescue; research and relay information; bunker down in a cavern filled with bats and supplies, and await the calm finality of death.

Five thousand light-years away, the Senate of the Klokari analyze the results of their Experiment. Humans, after all, are renowned survivalists; if these three unwitting subjects can show the Klokari how they would survive a Gamma Ray Burst within an Artificial Reality program, then the Klokari may have a chance to survive their own impending extinction.  But an anti-Experimentation sleeper agent, who believes that Mnemonic Experimentation is wrong, has placed a destructive virus in the program. With limited time to make a decision, the Senate must choose to either complete the Experiment, risking the lives and memories of their Human subjects, or protect their subjects and risk the future of their own species. 

Set within our Solar System, the Klokkarr system, and aboard a Klokari ship in neutral space, BIFROST BURNING explores what it means to be an evolutionary survivalist; to protect those you love in face of certain death; to stand against the systematic abuse of those weaker than you.  What it means, in other words, to have Humanity, even if you aren’t part of the species Homo sapiens sapiens.



Space Opera – 76,000 words

Status: Put to bed (for now)

Terra Arcturus is indistinguishable from Hell, as far as Captain Orion Andersen is concerned.  The natives are less than cooperative, the humans are remarkably dull, and the planet itself is nothing but a desert wasteland.  It is the system where military careers go to die.

The only real perk to being stationed here is his girlfriend, Niki, and even she deserts him – after a midday drinking binge, he finds her mutilated corpse in his living room, surrounded by investigators who fail to find the killer.  Suddenly, Orion sees opportunity – and motive – in every shadow.

As his life begins a rapid downward spiral, a priest for the local god, Rhialt, offers Orion the chance to go the Hell and bring Niki back.  Orion immediately accepts the offer.  Minor details like temporarily dying to slay Freki, Guardian of the Gates of Hell, could be conquered later.  

Upon arriving in Hell, however, Orion discovers a burgeoning battle between Rhialt and the Judges who adjudicate the souls of the dead humans.  Betrayed by the priest and involuntarily deceased, he gathers and leads into battle an army of dead souls and forgotten human gods.  Keeping the living humans extant is in his best interests, after all; Hell is far too crowded as it is.  

But there are very real – and devastating – consequences, should he fail.  Orion now faces an uphill battle on a glass slope in the rain, where his only option is to win.  The continued existence of humankind depends on it.

Told from the point of view of a nameless Scribe to the Judges, A SONG FOR EURYDICE is the science-fiction retelling of the myths of Old Earth, where ancient gods, modern science, and even love can coexist. 


Horror – 80,000 words

Status: Put to bed (for the foreseeable future)

When the world ends in its slow, quiet way, childhood best friends Jacinta “Jake” Olson and Alex Murray hardly notice.  Sure, there are riots in Denver and Dallas, but Albuquerque seems pretty quiet; and, okay, the doctors in the city have all gone on strike, leaving some 750,000 people without medical care, but they’re doctors, for Christ’s sake, they probably have a good reason; and, yes, the city has been on media blackout for the last week, which means no news coverage, but they still have their cell phones, their tentative connection with other human beings.  But the fact of the matter is, there are very few human beings left to connect with; death and silence rule this city.

In spite of everything, fleeing Albuquerque doesn’t occur to either Alex or Jake until Jake’s father, covered in oozing claw marks, throws her out of the house, begging her to run, please leave, she’s next, oh God, for his sake, just go!  And so they run.

With nowhere else to go, Alex and Jake head west, seeking sanctuary in the absence of civilization.  But safety, like everything else in this dead new world, is an illusion.  With monsters hounding them at every step and the brutal Southwest summer forcing them to find dangerous comfort in the cool desert nights, Alex and Jake are beginning to realize that safety lies in trust, and the only person they can truly trust is the other.


Women’s Fiction – 71,000 words

Status: In bed (pending spoons to edit)

Minerva Thomas has a lot going for her: she’s just lost the extra weight of a cheating ex-girlfriend, finished her Master’s degree, and been shortlisted for a prestigious poetry award.

Her life begins to unravel the night she is brutally gang-raped and left for dead on her college campus.  Not realizing that Minerva is too traumatized to even remember the incident, the boys who raped her set out to intimidate her into silence.

With each onslaught more vicious than the last, Minerva flees her father’s house to take refuge at her uncle’s.  Then comes the night that her rapists burn down her father’s house in an attempt to kill her.  Her uncle, a respected officer with the local police force, rushes into the burning building to rescue his brother-in-law.  He saves Minerva’s father before succumbing to his own injuries. 

Enraged and grieving, Minerva realizes that she will have to fight back if she is going to survive.  Between healing from her extensive injuries and coping with the trauma of her assault, she must find a way to bring her rapists to justice, before they silence her forever.



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